“Life is meant to be lived, not spent.”

“Be generous with compassion, love, hugs, encouragement, good deeds and gratitude. Expect nothing in return.” – Jakob Lagerstedt

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“Not to decide is to decide.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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“Sitting in profound silence is the most valuable thing I do, after love. And the love is found in the silence.” Leo Babauta

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Yesterday I came across Scrimba, a new platform for teaching and learning how to code through interactive #coding screencasts. It offers a unique learning experience because the screencasts can be stopped anytime and you can play around with the source code. Once you are done, you can continue watching the tutorials.


We all want something but do we actually do something to get it? Wanting things is great, yet unless we back up our “wants” with hard work, sweat, and blood, they only remain “wants”.


“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

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This week I've re-downloaded Outread to my iPhone, a speed-reading trainer app and I gave it a try this morning. I remember using this app briefly a few years ago, but somehow I ended up deleting it after a while. AppShopper has been helping me to keep an eye on paid iOS and Mac apps which from time to time go on sale or even available to download for free. This is how I got Outread for free and many others apps.


Last weekend I dived deep into learning to code with Javascript thanks to Tuísi, a friend of mine. I really needed that last push to get started. After watching the first few tutorial videos by Team Treehouse, I got hooked on Javascript. I'm amazed by how it can turn a static website into an interactive one. Why didn't I learn Javascript many years ago when I was very much into web development? It will remain a mystery to me.


No doubt that DayOne is one of the most beautifully crafted iOS apps out there. I used it for over two years and I tried to keep up with daily journaling. Yet one day I ended up deleting the app with all the entries. Why have I done that? Perhaps there were two motives which had pushed me to end my journey with DayOne.


There is a region with small villages in rural Italy where people live in a different reality. One of these villages where I'm currently staying is so isolated, far from big cities and tourist sights that strangers are rarely seen here. Life is simple and people are honest.